Theresa May’s Political Future In Danger After British Election

It was supposed to be an easy win for British Prime Minister Theresa May. But in a stunning reversal Thursday, the Conservatives appeared to lose significant electoral ground, endangering the party?s governing majority.

The Conservatives? unexpected election night disaster raised doubts about the political future of the prime minister, who was criticized for running a lackluster campaign that failed to inspire voters.

Exit polls initially predicted that May?s Conservatives would win 314 seats in Parliament ? a loss of 16 seats, and 12 seats short of a majority. According to the poll, the opposition Labour party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, would take home 266 seats.

Arguing that the polls indicated May failed to win a mandate, Corbyn called on the prime minister to resign: ?The mandate she?s got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence.?

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